History of the Paediatric Surgical Oncology Masterclass

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The concept of a European Paediatric Surgical Oncology meeting as such originated in the Royal Hospital for Sick Children (Yorkhill) in Glasgow in 1995.

Mr Amir Azmy and Professor Robert Carachi discussed and organised the first two Oncology meetings in Portugal, in collaboration with Dr Ferdinando Martins in 1998 linked to the Portuguese Society and then with Professor Naxos Zavitzanakis in October 2000 in Thessaloniki linked to the Greek Society.

From 1999 until 2002 Professor Carachi was an executive member of the IPSO Board. As it became obvious that there was no rationale to have a separate European meeting next to the annual IPSO meeting, IPSO proposed to EUPSA to offer a combined pre-meeting educational Oncology Course preceding the annual EUPSA meetings.


The course aimed to give an overview of all major solid tumours and ran over a period of three years per full cycle.

Prof Dan Aronson, who by this time was secretary and later became President of IPSO, was the liaison officer of IPSO to negotiate this project with Prof. Michael Hölwardt, then President of EUPSA, and eventually became the co‐organiser/faculty member of this team together with Prof Carachi.

Although EUPSA aimed to offer annual Paediatric Surgical meetings at low costs, colleagues from middle- and low income countries increasingly expressed difficulties to participate for financial reasons which became the drive to adjust the three year annual IPSO/EUPSA Oncology Course into a two or three days Oncology Masterclass (PSOM) that went to middle- and low income countries to provide the local availability of the course at a more affordable manner.


The concept of a European Paediatric Surgical Oncology



Linked to the Portuguese Society

1999 until 2002

Joined the EUPSA meetings

1999 until 2002

Professor Robert Carachi

Professor Robert Carachi

Professor Robert Carachi was Head of Department of Surgical Paediatrics, University of Glasgow, and the Hospital Sub‐Dean, University of Glasgow and Honorary Consultant Paediatric Surgeon, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Yorkhill, Glasgow.

He has over 200 scientific publications and book chapters. He is the Editor of ten books on paediatric surgery. He was Editor of the Scottish Medical Journal for 11 years and is an international adviser of many journals including JIAPS.

He  was Chairman of the European Board Examinations in Paediatric Surgery, Specialty Adviser in Paediatric Surgery to the Scottish Executive, Clinical Lead for Paediatric Telemedicine in Scotland and Associate Director of Medical Education.

Professor Daniel C Aronson

Professor Daniel C Aronson was appointed Professor of Surgery and Pediatric Surgery, and Head of the Division of Pediatric Surgery at the Department of Surgery, at the Department of Surgery, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center in 2008.

He has served for many years in the Executive Board of the International Association for Pediatric Surgical Oncology (IPSO), of which he is the current President (2010‐2012).

He was Secretary of the Advisory Committee on Training and Education (OAC) of the Netherlands Association of Pediatric Surgeons (2008‐2010). He has over 120 international publications, 60 national publications, 25 book chapters, and has been in the Editorial board of 3 textbooks.

He is member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Pediatric Surgery, the European Journal of Pediatric Surgery, and Pediatric Blood and Cancer.

Professor Daniel C Aronson

Educational Objectives:

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