Aims of the Paediatric Surgical Oncology Masterclass

Masterclasses can be arranged where the Host department is able to fulfil the commitments and requirements of the Masterclass Faculty and Management Group.

Mission Statement

To promote the best care for children with cancer in the developing countries where resources are limited.

To support locally those who care for children with cancer by providing experts in the fields of oncology to interact at masterclasses and courses

To provide a network of experts who can offer help in difficult areas of paediatric oncology

To enhance the science of paediatric oncology worldwide.


To provide a general understanding of the biology and pathology of childhood tumours.

To understand the clinical pathways of the various solid tumours of childhood, their clinical presentation, imaging, tumour markers which help monitor the disease process, the most up to date protocol in treatment both medical and surgical.

To deliver workshops on operative techniques

To discuss procedures and how to avoid and deal with complications

To discuss the value of clinical trials and the basis of statistics

To deliver the course in an interactive fashion.


Paediatric Surgical Oncology is a subspecialty of Paediatric Surgery.

It encompasses general surgical principals, paediatric oncology and special surgical techniques.

A full under‐ standing of the basic biology of these tumours affecting children and the ability to deal with the complications of the treatment be it medical or surgical in the high risk group of patients.

Professor Robert Carachi was Head of Department of Surgical Paediatrics, University of Glasgow
Professor Daniel C Aronson was appointed Professor of Surgery and Pediatric Surgery,

Faculty List

Robert Carachi United Kingdom
Roly Squire United Kingdom
Sri Annavarapu United Kingdom
Dermot Murphy United Kingdom
Dan Aronson The Netherlands
Larry Hadley South Africa
Jan Godzinski Poland
Helene Martelli France
Sabine Sarnacki France
Dietrich von Schweinitz Germany
Guido Seitz Germany
Giovanni Cecchetto Italy
Sandeep Agarawala India

Sajid Quershi

Sameen Bakhshi India
Jim Wilde Switzerland

Educational Objectives:

Some of the topice covered in the masterclass.

The Surgery of Childhood Tumours

  • The Surgery of Childhood Tumors

3rd Edition Editors: R Carachi and J Grosfeld Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 978‐3‐662‐48588‐0

Beginning with the scientific basis of tumours, the book provides up to date in‐ formation on epidemiology, cytogenetics and molecular biology before examining current treatments for the full range of paediatric tumors.

Integration of surgery, neoadjuvant and adjuvant chemotherapy and radiation therapy is a dominant theme. In addition, chapters on supportive care, palliative care and the role of parents’ associations reflect the book’s holistic approach to treating children with cancer.


Surgical Procedures – DVD – Operative Workshops

Central line insertions

  • Open method Hickman/Broviac
  • Percutaneous method Portacaths

Wilms’ tumour resection including

  • Surgical indications for partial nephrectomy
  • Cavatomy and thrombectomy
  • Lymph node biopsy
  • Abdominal neuroblastoma resection highlighting the vascular dissection Liver

Tumour resection

  • Right hemihepatectomy vascular isolation
  • Extended right hamihepatectomy partial dissections
  • Left hemihepatectomy
  • Extended left hemihepatectomy parenchymal division Right and left lateral segmentectomy
  • Central hepatectomy
  • Bladder – prostrate RMS – cystectomy and reconstruction
  • Extremity RMS 0 limb conversion
The Surgery of Childhood Tumours, 3rd Edition